Why The Halo Generator?

You’ve probably heard a lot about Halotherapy and Saltrooms by now, and you’re wondering if all Saltrooms are the same.

They’re not.

Why do you want a saltroom built by Saltroom? Simple. Our generators are the MOST RELIABLE on the market.

Based on more than 26 years of experience and research, the Halo Generator will never, ever clog.

Special Construction Means Total Reliability

The Halo Generator is different. Made entirely of stainless steel parts, and with a special paint procedure used on the case, the generator will not corrode from the constant exposure to salt.

The high-end electrical parts mean you can rely on it to work correctly every time, for every session, with every client.

You’ll never feel the frustration, or lose a customer, because your clogged generator isn’t vaporizing anything! The Halo Generator is the best salt vaporizer on the market, bar none.

Get the Generator that Works for YOU

Saltrooms are not 1-size-fits-all. Whatever size your space is, Saltroom, Inc., can build a Saltroom that works for YOU, customized to fit YOUR space. And that means making sure you have the right-sized generator for YOUR Saltroom.

The Floor Model is perfect for smaller, converted spaces. It sits inside the Halotherapy Saltroom, on the floor. And it provides the same highest-quality salt vapor to your clients.

The Wall-Mounted Model is the classic generator. Mounted into the wall of your Saltroom, from outside, it’s the perfect generator for a full-sized Halotherapy Saltroom. Again, it uses the same medical grade salt, and provides the same highest-quality salt vapor available.

It’s Easy to Use

Halo Generators are built for people, not electrical engineers. The controls are simple, easy to understand, and durable. You won’t end up with broken switches and knobs. You’ll have a reliable, durable generator, that you can use, and you can easily train others to use, that will last for decades.

Halotherapy saltrooms are catching on. Be the first in your area to offer the service that is starting to make headlines! Contact us today to get started!

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