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Polar Health is a family operation. Kari Viherlahti, a technical designer with massage therapy training, has owned and operated Polar Health since the 1970s. This innovative Finnish company creates products and services to improve people’s health and lives. Saltroom, is the brand name of Polar Health products outside of Europe.

Kari’s son, Jari Viherlahti, was born and raised in Finland, and met his wife, Laura, when he came to the US for college. They reside in the US.

In 2000, Kari told Jari and Laura about his newest business venture: halotherapy salt rooms Kari had first seen a saltroom in 1988 in a pediatric hospital in St. Petersburg, Russia, where they used halotherapy as part of the treatment for children’s respiratory conditions. Kari began selling his innovative Halo Generator, Polar Health’s exceptional generator throughout Europe to spas, hotels, and medical facilities.

Meanwhile, Laura, the mother of two young children at the time, had noticed the troubling increase in asthma in children. She’d also witnessed the disturbing side effects of all the drugs given to young children (including a 9-year-old girl in her daughter’s ballet class, whose weight ballooned alarmingly one summer after being put on steroids for her asthma). Laura knew it was time to bring halotherapy to the US.

In 2004, Laura opened the Salt Crystal Cottage in their hometown of Spokane, WA. The Cottage was one of the first halotherapy locations in North America, and the first saltroom in the US equipped with the Halo Generator.

As Laura marketed the Spokane saltroom, she realized that other entrepreneurs were looking for ways to offer halotherapy, too. She convinced Kari to start selling the generators in the US, and Saltroom was born!

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